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Meet our instructors

Debs Hendren

Infinity Founder, Ceo and Founder of The Brow Geek
With a lifelong obsession with all things beauty, but a deeply developed business background, Debs took the plunge officially into the world of beauty and education 6 years ago. After qualifying or re-upskilling on courses that had been taken years before, Debs took her educator's qualification and moved fully into the coaching side in 2019. An ambassador for a well-known education brand, she was handpicked as one of around 20 globally due to the high standards of teaching. Its fair to say brow obsessed is my middle name. As a Published author on Brow Lamination, and Henna Brows here in the UK, Italy and USA, I quickly realised that we needed a place to voice our industry in brows, so I recently started The Brow Mag - a platform for brow techs globally to be featured, grow, learn and share. To date, I’ve trained over 25,000 students globally and proud to have previously been Head of UK accreditation board for an accredited body, I now pride myself on empowering others in the industry with a true open-door policy. Educating, mentoring and striving to make this beloved industry of ours better. Using every bit of my extensive knowledge on hybrid tints and dyes. I am proud to be one of the founders of this and continue to work with the industry to achieve high standards for all. 19 x awards as an artist 8 x awards as an educator Top 10 HBA entrepreneur of the year Founder of The Brow Mag Founder of Brow Awards Co-Founder of the British Beauty Forum And 3 women in business awards.

Amber Massa

Infinity Founder, CEO and Founder of MicroArtistry Academy
Amber is a licensed Cosmetologist, and is the CEO, Head Trainer, and product development lead at MicroArtistryAcademy.com, a brow and lash training and supply site for industry professionals in North America. With 19 years as a Licensed Cosmetologist and the last six years as a full-time Brow artist, she is absolutely passionate about making women look and feel great!​ A businesswoman at heart, after completing her BS Degree, Amber opened her first hair salon in 2010. She has owned three brick-and-mortar salons, as well as a successful Prenatal Ultrasound business. Some might call her a bit of a serial entrepreneur. ​Amber's training academy, MicroArtistry Academy was founded in 2016 and now trains hundreds of students per year in Brow Lamination, Hybrid Tint and Permanent Makeup. Amber loves helping build other artists up! Infinity has been a labor or love for Amber and Debs and they are excited to finally see it being used in the Industry!
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